1. After a doctor’s appointment, medicine repeat appointments are captured on the Medicom system.
  2. A pulling list is printed by the records department in advance. Those files are retrieved and sent to level D3 medicine repeats a day before.
  3. Clerks at level D3 medicine repeats start working at 6:00 to receive patients for medicine repeats.
  4. On arrival patients queue with their appointment cards in their hand.
  5. A clerk will go out periodically to collect appointment cards.
  6. Appointment cards are checked for the correct date.
  7. Booked patients’ files are drawn, scripts are re-checked and send through to be registered.
  8. Patient goes to the cashier and then to the pharmacy.
  9. Unbooked patients and/or problem files are requested on a written emergency list.
  10. As files arrive patients scripts are re-checked and sent through to be registered.
  11. Patient goes to the cashier and then to the pharmacy.
  12. Patients are encouraged to hand in their cards before 12:00. This arrangement allows records to update their filing and retrieving of files.
  13. If there is no file of no valid script on the file, the clerk will arrange with the clinic for new script. The the patient is registered at level D3 and sent to the specific doctor with a file and stickers.
  14. If the clinic is unable to assist, the dr. on call is contacted.
  15. Uncollected files for the week are collected on Friday by records for refiling.
  16. Daily statistics are kept.