The following documentation is essential if you are to be registered or admitted at the hospital. Please make sure that you bring the documentation with.

  • Identity Book or Drivers License. A Foreign Patient must provide a Passport and Visa
  • Proof of Family Gross Income (salary slips / IRP5 / financial statement from auditor)
  • Proof of Home Address – street & postal (Water & Lights Account / Rental Agreement or Rental Receipt)
  • Proof of Appointment – the Hospital appointment card / medical referral letter
  • Person responsible for the account – Identity Book / Drivers License / Passport
  • Address of contact person
  • Bring with the telephone numbers / contact numbers of family or friends
  • Address and telephone number of employer
  • Medical Aid Membership Card
  • Medical Aid Authorisation Number for Admission
  • As verification, an affidavit from the SAPS in your area with regards to your address or income may be provided.

If a patient does not comply with one or more of the above-mentioned requirements, he or she will only receive emergency treatment and be referred to a health institution in their area.

  • Admission Form - please note that this form must be signed by the patient on page 1 and page 2
  • Patient’s address – do you stay within the referral area of this Hospital? If not, you need to be referred to the nearest health institution in your area.
  • Hospital Patients – must pay the applicable fee upon admission and upon registration for every OPD visit
  • Medical Aid Patients – must pay the fee where applicable and required by Medical Aid for Admission and every OPD visit
  • Private Patients – must pay the applicable fee upon admission and upon registration for every OPD visit
  • Hospital Debt – all patients will be required to call on Patient Accounts before Admission or Registration for OPD visit in order to arrange for the paying of their account in arrears

Please take note

  • No firearms may be brought to the Hospital.
  • No jewellery, cell phones, cash or any other valuables should be brought to the Hospital, as the Hospital will not take responsibility if lost.