The Physiotherapy department has a staff establishment of 17 physiotherapists and 3 physiotherapy assistants, which include chief, senior, junior and community service posts. The department also provides in-service clinical training to undergraduate students from the University of Pretoria as well as elective placements for other South African and overseas students.

Outpatients department

Our Outpatients department offers a comfortable, clean and professional area in which to treat many conditions including

back and neck
tempero-mandibular joint
posture related muscle spasms
rehabilitation after fractures
peripheral joints
muscle strains
sports injuries
urinary incontinence

We have an organized department with 10 beds and 2 traction beds, electrotherapy machines, a computer from which to access x-rays, various gym machines, balls and sport equipment and skilled physiotherapists who offer an excellent health care service to all.

We promote a holistic approach to managing patients’ conditions. We treat the body using massage, electrotherapy techniques, mobilizations and dry needling. We strengthen muscles, teach exercises that can be done at home, offer advice on how to manage your condition and encourage patients to participate in our group classes.

Back School
Includes a group discussion and advice on posture, lifting techniques, sleeping positions, ways of managing pain followed by a relaxing exercise programme which includes muscle stretches and strengthening – 90 min. This class is followed by a Pain lecture, which discusses the pathology of pain, why patients feel pain and how to manage pain & stress.

Back Exercise Class
Includes an exercise class of stretching, strengthening and active aerobic exercise specific for patients with back conditions or any patient who wishes to maintain a healthy back – 60 min

Upper Limb class
Includes exercises for any shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm condition focusing on flexibility, home exercises, strengthening and an increase in movement and range – 60 min

Lower Limb class
Includes exercises for any hip, leg, knee, ankle and foot condition which improves function of the leg with stretches and strengthening – 60 min

Pain Clinic

Patients with chronic pain (pain lasting longer than 3 months) are seen in this clinic. Chronic neck or back pain is most commonly treated in this clinic. All new patient referrals to this clinic that never had any prior physiotherapy treatments and might possibly benefit from such treatment will be booked for physiotherapy first.

Pain Clinic team: Doctor, Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, Professional nurse, Social worker
Contact details: New referrals 012 354 1731 for appointments


Patients referred from the dermatologist with conditions like Psoriasis are treated with Phototherapy (ultraviolet light).

Lung Room

Patients that require chest physiotherapy for any respiratory conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD) are seen.

Appointments can be made on 012 354 1645

Neurology Gym

The Neurology gym is equipped with a variety of therapeutic equipment which are used to assist the physiotherapist treat neurological disorders such as Stroke, head injuries, myelopathies including Guilliane Barre and Multiple Schlerosis and adult Cerebral Palsy.

Appointments can be made on 012 354 1645


The physiotherapist provides rehabilitation following injuries or congenital conditions to improve muscle strength, joint range, walking ability and all other functional activities appropriate for the child’s age.

Outpatient Clinics

We also offer our services at the various clinics within the hospital. At these clinics we work as part of a multi-disciplinary team to assess the patients’ progress, offer advice, teach exercises and refer for individual treatment where necessary.

Hand clinic
Tuesdays: Assess hand injuries before and after surgery, caused by trauma, overuse, arthritis etc and provide a home programme to patients

Diabetic Foot clinic
Wednesdays: Assess patients with pain, muscle weakness, amputations at this clinic and provide patients with relevant exercises

Rheumatology clinic
Fridays: Assess progress of patients with Arthritis and teach patients how to maintain the health of their joints with exercise.

Shoulder Clinic
Wednesdays: Assess patients with dislocations, impingements inflammation, pain, muscle tears etc

Neuro-developmental clinic
A team consisting of paediatric doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists attend a neuro-developmental clinic every Tuesday and Thursday. This clinic enables mothers of children with Developmental Delay, Cerebral Palsy or any other neurological condition to receive evaluation and treatment with a multi-disciplinary approach. The caregivers of these children receive advice regarding the health of the child, treatment and exercises to be done at home and feeding techniques which ensure optimal management to improve the quality of life of the children.

Appointments can be made on 012 354 1717

Seating clinic
Once a month this clinic is held at the Occupational Therapy department. Occupational therapists and Physiotherapists evaluate children in need of wheelchairs and Madiba Buggies. The evaluation consists of the size of chair and adjustments to be made to suit the child’s needs. We aim to achieve a comfortable position that allows the most function possible for the child.

We also attend other outpatient clinics:

Head and neck
Tempero-mandibular joint
Brachial plexus
Breast clinic
Peripheral vascular

Contact details

Head of Department: Mrs E van Niekerk
Telephone: 012 354 1645
Fax: 012 354 1041