The Steve Biko Academic Hospital is a academic hospital.
No walk-in patients will be seen (Poli-clinic patient services).

All patients need to be referred via a Medical practitioner; Clinic or a Hospital within the referral system.

The referral doctor needs to phone himself and make an appointment with the doctor at Pretoria Academic Hospital, at the specific clinic.

Treatment at one specialty does not allow admission to other specialties without separate referral letters and separate appointments arranged with the specific specialists.


What to do to be seen by a doctor at OPD

Make an appointment

  • Referring doctor or clinic should telephone the hospital for an appointment, or
  • Come to the hospital with the referral letter to make an appointment
  • Only patients who's residential addresses fall within the hospital's referral area will be seen
  • If you are unsure whether you live within this region, the registration clerk can assist you

Bring the following documents:

  • Referral letter
  • Identification book
  • Passport or permit
  • Water & electricity account as proof of residential address
  • Salary slip; if unemployed bring proof
  • Contact details and telephone numbers of family and friends
  • Medical Aid number and membership card

Making a follow-up appointment

Your clinic will direct you to where you can make the next appointment

What to do if you miss an appointment

Contact the hospital at the Clinic Contact Numbers

Procedure for accessing the hospital

  • Access will be in accordance with the appointment date and time.
  • On arrival the patient will be issued with a numbered ticket and get directed to the service area whereupon the number will be on display on the screens accompanied by a voice that will also call the number and indicating the window that is available to serve.
  • All patients need to be registered prior to them being seen and the procedure will be as follows: As captured under Procedure for new patients” and “Procedure for follow up patients” below

Procedure for new patients

  • Complete the admission form H29
  • After registration the Clerk will direct you to your clinic
  • Give the file to the nursing sister at the clinic
  • You will be called when it is your turn to be seen by the doctor

Procedure for follow-up patients

  • Hand your appointment card in at reception and be seated
  • After registration the clerk will direct you to your clinic
  • You will then be seen by a doctor

General Information

  • Coin and card telephones are available in numerous areas at OPD
  • The hospital has been declared a 'Gun Free Zone' therefore carrying of fire arms is not permitted
  • Be advised not to bring large quantities of cash/ valuables
  • The hospital has been declared a 'Smoke Free Zone' therefore smoking is only permitted outside the hospital's buildings